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Which One Would You Pick?
Children of all ages will enjoy the 12 breeds of puppies seen in this brand new video. The "wet nose, tail wagging, paw scampering fun" is set to an original soundtrack for family viewing of "puppy fun". Mitch's mom said he could have a puppy. But what Mitch didn't realize is how many breeds there are! He finds so many cute puppies in the book from the library that he needs your help in picking one out... So which one would you pick? 40 minutes $10.00
Wolf Haven:
The Vision
A documentary about a wolf refuge located in Tenino, Washington which is dedicated to the recovery of healthy wolf populations in the wild. Featured are scenes of howl-ins, resident animals and discussions of the wolf and its future. 40 minutes $20.00
Affirmative Action-The Real TruthA program hosted by Dr. Arthur Fletcher, the "father" of affirmative action. Dr. Fletcher was appointed by president Richard Nixon to design a mechanism to implement affirmative action. No one in America knows more about the true workings of affirmative action than Arthur Fletcher.30 minutes $15.00
Home ChiropracticAn instructional video on how to administer chiropractic manipulation at home! This video is hosted by Dr. Karl Holmquist who will show you how you can learn the art of spinal adjustment and the benefits you can derive from practicing these exercises. Thousands of these videos have been sold all over the world.100 minutes $50.00
The Making Of A KnifeA documentary of the process of the making of a knife by the world’s foremost blademaker and designer, William (Bill) Moran. This video takes you into Bill’s personal forge and shop. It is a step-by-step teaching of creating the highest quality blades in the world. A companion video features making knives of Damascus Steel, an ancient process known to few, but mastered by Bill Moran.90 minutes $45.00ea.
Northwest Kick-Ass Dixieland Jazz A variety video featuring some of the great performances from northwest Dixieland jazz festivals. Bands from all over the U.S. are featured in spectacular shows in Oregon and Washington. Sights and scenes from venues in the San Juan Islands to Seaside, Oregon are featured. 60 minutes $12.00
Puget Sound From The AirA stunning video of the Puget Sound Area spanning from Olympia to Anacortes. Raw footage of the area with background music and no narration, this video shows an exciting perspective of the Sound and all it has to offer including aerial views of Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle and the islands south of the San Juans30 minutes $12.00
Tug Boat Racing/Model TugboatsA video about the famous Olympia, Washington tug boat races that take place each year and the model boat exposition that is presented as a companion event. Details, comments and history of tugboats as well as detailed video and comments from the model builders.25 minutes $12.00
Antique Airplanes - Their Pilots & OwnersGreat up-close footage of many pilots and owners of antique airplanes including flight footage and take-offs. The history and derivation of each of these planes is explained by the pilots themselves. 25 minutes $12.00
Silent VictimsA poignant documentary on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which features actual case histories on pregnant women using alcohol and the problems they faced. The video includes a wonderful music video section that is very educational. 30 minutes $28.00
Yoga by Jacqui DavisThis is a video featuring Jacqui Davis who has inspired thousands of people to improve their lives with the practice of yoga. Over 15 years, Jacqui has blended an ancient art with modern techniques for building a healthy body, mind and spirit.50 minutes $8.00
Fish In The Web Of LifeA truly spectacular documentary about the Salmon species in pacific northwest rivers and streams. Produced by Ralph Boomer for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department, this video is a powerful demonstration of what it will take to refurbish and maintain natural salmon run in the northwestern United States.23 minutes $14.00
Trout TriumphantA companion video to the program above. Both of these programs were written and directed by award-winning cinematographer/videographer Stefan Dobert. If you have any interest in restoring and nurturing the natural habitat for these wonderful species of fish, this is a must video for your library.29 minutes $14.00
Rivers of Sand/ Exploring The Barrier IslandsThe Barrier Islands are a fascinating place to explore and experience the wonderful diversity of life that has adapted to the rivers of sand. Beautifully filmed by the award-winning nature program producers - Claire and Stefan Dobert, this video is a wondrous kaleidoscope of birds and shells, flowers and wildlife.30 minutes $18.00