Color Video Projection System

Advanced Projection Optics Delivering Superb Picture Quality
Bright 700 Lumens Output (at white peak) and High 1,100 Line Resolution
The PT-B2010U features newly developed 7" high-brightness electromagnetic focusing projection tubes, and a Dual Focus Hybrid Lens System with a Direct Optical Coupling System.
The Panasonic name means exceptional picture quality and advanced technological innovations such as a wide bandwidth video circuit and a high-voltage stabilizing circuit.
The result is super optical power of 700 lumens (at white peak), and horizontal resolution of 1,100 lines for RGB, or 800 lines for video.

Advanced Dual Focus 6-Element Hybrid Lens Configuration
This innovative 6-element lens design uses both glass and polymer components to achieve remarkable focusing accuracy. The dual focus system also means separate adjustment is possible for the the screen edges. Color resolution has been improved too, thanks to chromatic aberration correcting lens elements.

Direct Optical Coupling System
To eliminate the reflections that reduce picture brightness in conventional projectors, the PT-B2010U's three CRTs and their lenses are optically coupled by silicon gel. This gel also serves as a coolant, enabling the use of the powerful electron beams required for optimum picture brightness. The result is superb image quality with outstanding contrast and black- level retention.

Connection Versatility

Four TV System Compatibility
The PT-B2010U detects the color system of the input signal, and automatically selects PAL, SECAM, NTSC 3.58, or NTSC 4.43. You can also use the manual system selector buttons in the rear compartment of the supplied wireless remote, and on the main unit.

S-Video/Line/RGB Input Flexibility
The PT-B2010U lets you enjoy image projection from a virtually unlimited selection of sources. For optimum signal quality from S-VHS and other video sources, there's an S-Video mini DIN 4-pin connector enabling independent luminance and chrominance signal input. Signal input from analog RGB computers and RGB cameras is handled by "RGB" BNC connectors. And you get the convenience of wireless remote control input selection with on-screen display for easy confirmation of operations.

Advanced Digital Scan Compatible
With the optional Advanced Digital Scan Converter, ET-100DS, you can reproduce the IDTV format on a large screen with amazing clarity and complete freedom from visible flicker The converter takes an NTSC video input (525 lines interlaced) and digitally converts it to a non-interlaced 525 line signal to provide vertical resolution of 450 lines. The ET-100DS features a complete linelocking 3-dimensional digital filter, digital noise reduction circuitry, three sets of audio/video terminals and one set of audio/S-Video terminals.

Convenient Features for Smooth, Easy Operation
Full-Function Wireless Remote Control Supplied The supplied wireless remote lets you control the PT- B2010U in the same way as a regular home TV. Large buttons for often used controls such as the input selector and picture fine adjustment are conveniently laid out on the front of the unit. Other controls, including digital convergence, color temperature selector, as well as installation controls are neatly located in the rear compartment. For even more convenience, the unit comes with a wired remote sensor and cable (5m) that enables remote control from your desired position.

On-Screen Display
On-screen alphanumeric and bar indications let you confirm all operations at a glance. You can also check information such as selected input signal/ color system, and fine adjustment settings.

Digital Convergence Adjustment Function Thanks to the PT-B2010U's digital convergence adjustment circuit, adjustment precision is better than ever With the help of special circuitry projecting a crosshatch pattern onto the screen, precise adjustment is possible right up to the screen corners. Separately adjusted convergence settings for S-Video, line, and RGB are stored in memory.

Fine Adjustments with Independent Preset Memory You can perform fine adjustment of Color, Tint, Bright, Picture, and Sharpness* with the remote control. And separately adjusted settings for S-Video, line, and RGB signal input sources can be stored in memory for recall later.

* Parameters that can be adjusted differ depending on the input source and color system

Other Valuable Features

Independently selectable color temperature for each signal input source (9300K(HI)/6500K(MID)/ 4500K(LOW)
Notch on/off function
RGB horizontal position adjustment function
Built-in audio amplifier and speaker (max. 1.5W output)
Fail-safe operation on/off switch for remote
Power Supply: 120V AC 60Hz (240V AC U.K only)
Power Consumption: 300W (5W at remote control standby)
Projection Tubes: 7 inch high-luminance electro- magnetic focusing projection tubes (R, G, B)
Lenses: Chromatic aberration correcting lenses
F1.1, f140
Luminance Output: 700 lumens (at white peak)
Horizontal Resolution
RGB: 1,100 TV lines, with 30MHz bandwidth
Video: 800 TV lines
Screen Size: 150 - 300 inches(381.0 - 762.0cm)
Horizontal Frequency
RGB: 15.75kHz/31.5kHz/33.75kHz
Video: 15.75kHz/156.25kHz
Vertical Frequency: 50/60Hz
Operating Ambient Temperature: 23 F - 95 F
( - 5 C - + 35 C)
Operating Ambient Humidity: 20% - 80%
S-Video Input: Y signal: 1Vp-p
C signal: 0.286Vp-p
Mini DIN 4-pin thread type connector
Line Input/Output: 1Vp-p, 75 ohm or high impedance, BNC connector
RGB Input: R, G, B: 0.7Vp-p, 75 ohm
H, H/V: 0.3 - 4V 75 ohm
V: 0.3 - 4V, 75 ohm
BNC connectors
Audio Input: 0.5Vrms, phono connector
Remote 1: 25-pin D-type connector
Remote 2: For supplied remote sensor
Speaker Output: 1.5W (EIAJ)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 23 7/8 x 12 x 30 1/8 ins.
(606 x 305 x 765mm)
Weight: 107.8 Ibs. (49kg)
Supplied Accessories: Wireless remote control
Power supply: 3V DC
Operable distance: 23 0 ft. (7m)
Weight: 0.44 Ibs. (2009)
Batteries (AA SUM-3)
Remote sensor
Remote sensor cable: 16.4 ft (5m)
S-Video/BNC conversion adaptors
Holding plate kit
Power cord: TSX3164
Weight and dimensions are approximate.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
This product may be subject to export control regulations.

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