WV-F700A 3-CCD

Digitized Image Processing Circuits for Professional Video Productions.

Panasonic's digital technology and innovation has opened new horizons in professional video tape production, providing a high-grade image processing acquisition camera with a lightweight body and compact design. The digitized, image signal processing circuit in the Panasonic WV-F700A camera provides stable, homogeneous image quality and offers direct docking with Mll, S-VHS or Betacam* portable VCRs. Complicated controls have been significantly reduced, improving the WV-F700A's overall reliability and operation. A digitized image circuit including chroma detail and 2-dimensional low pass filter (LPF) now permits higher-grade image processing. Also, a one-touch Control Scene File device is newly included. Three high-density 380,000-pixel CCDs with on-chip optics provides superb specifications including a sensitivity of 2000 lux at f 8.0, 800 lines of horizontal resolution and S/N ratio of 62dB (typical).

Panasonic's 3-CCD Digital Processing Camera WV-F700A is Designed for Today's Professional.

Built-in Level Image Processing Circuit.

The image signal and control circuits have been digitized with Panasonic developed LSI chops, to provide a built-in quality image processing circuit equivalent to that required by professional production facilities. In addition, chroma detail, 2-dimensional low pass filter to reduce cross-color and many other functions are now incorporated in the WV-F700A camera.

New Levels of Reliability and Performance are Realized by the Digital signal Processing System.

The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) System features less dispersion and more consistent characteristics of the channels, phase and frequency of each color. Compared to previous analog models, digital processing technology also eliminates approximately two-thirds of the potentiometers in the camera and replaces them with a digital memory. Since potentiometers are affected by temperature, humidity, vibration and aging, this gives the WV-F700A digital camera outstanding stability and image quality.

Remote Camera Control through RCU (remote control unit) and RCB (remote control box).

While all camera functions are controlled through the digital processing circuit, gamma, detail and other values can be easily set or changed at will. Settings shown in the viewfinder can be also conveniently displayed on an external monitor. 2/3", 380,000-pixel CCD with On-chip Optics Realizes Upgraded Sensitivity and Resolution. 2/3" High Sensitivity 380,000-pixel CCD with On-chip Optics Provides an Excellent 800 Lines of Horizontal Resolution and Minimum 0.7fc (7 Lux) Object Illumination.
CCD sensitivity has been improved over our previous models by approximately 5dB, through an improved aperture ratio and with an on-chip optics system, 2/3", 380,000-pixel (effective pixel quantity) IT CCD with low fixed pattern noise performance. Panasonic's new WV-F700A Digital Video Camera delivers a sensitivity of f8.0 at 2,000 lux to expand the available illuminance level at 0dB. Minimum object illumination has also been upgraded to 0.7fc (7 flux). A high precision f1.4 high resolution prism and DSP LSls for its image signal circuit provides the exceptional 800 lines of horizontal resolution. Clamp- type CDS (correlation double sampling) circuit and Peltier Elements are installed on the R. G. and B CCDs to reduce image smear and fixed pattern noise that occurs during high-gain.
A high S/N ratio of 62dB (typical) and +24dB gain gives new meaning to picture quality. The WV-F700A Digital Processing Camera's ultra high quality images are the result of effectively controlling flare and smear.

Built-in High Precision f1.4 High Resolution Prism and DSP LSls for the Image signal Circuit.

Panasonic's own high precision joint technology enabled the connection of a highly precise f1.4 high resolution prism and high density 2/3, 380,000-pixel CCD to significantly reduce optical axis displacement caused by varying ambient operating conditions. This has almost eliminated the difference between the prism and pixel alignment while also resulting in excellent resistance to temperature changes. An LSI Digital Signal Processing chip has been installed in the WV-F700As image signal circuit for super high quality images with a minimum of 800 lines of horizontal resolution.

Clear Images with Low Moire and High Response.

Return deflection at sampling, which causes moire, has been reduced. Panasonic's high performance optical LPF enables reproduction of low moire and high response clear images, highly effective when aiming the WV-F700A at fine patterns and stripes.

Higher Quality Images now Realized by Chroma Detail and 2-Dimension Low Pass Filter.

Chroma Detail Adds Detail to Highly Saturated Color

Chroma Detail is included in the digitized image signal processing circuit to compensate for poor resolution in the high chroma areas of the picture, a function only available when using a digital processing system. In contrast to the conventional ENG/EFP camera, Chroma Detail provides a wide dynamic range image with clear color reproduction in the chroma area.

Dark Detail Circuit Compensates Contours to Produce Natural Areas

The Dark Detail circuit reproduces dark areas of the picture in detail without changing the brightness of the other areas. It also compensates contours with very fine edges. Even strands of human hair can be reproduced to look natural.

2-Dimension Low Pass Filter Reduces Cross-Color Cross-color is caused by high brightness signals mixing into the subcarrier.

The 2-dimension low pass filter reduces the cross-color to reproduce fine stripes and lattice patterns with the very minimum of color blur.

Simple Switching Levels of Detail Enhancement

Detail enhancement is available through five (5) stages of switching; two levels of band switching (High and Low) and two levels of detail switching within each of the bands. And for further flexibility, the detail enhancement circuit can be turned off when shooting close ups, special graphics or scenes in low light.

Highlight Compression Circuit for Wide Dynamic Range

A built-in highlight compression circuit has expanded the dynamic range in the highlighted area and prevents halation. The highlight aperture circuit allows a wide dynamic range producing fine images when viewed against a bright backlight or daylight.

Fast Accurate Auto-shading Compensation

The analog system requires complicated adjustments for shading compensation. Panasonic's new digital processing system provides fast, easy shading compensation with the press of a button. Black and white shading are instantly and automatically analyzed in the circuit to form correction waves. Complicated shading compensation is now processed quickly and accurately.

Provided with Digital Functions such as initial Setup and Scene File Modes that Realize Highly Efficient and Sophisticated Picture Production.

Initial Setup Function that allows simple setting of Scene Field Data by using the side-pocket switch. Just look into the viewfinder and use the side-pocket switch for easy setting of scene field data such as gamma ON/OFF and chroma-detail ON/OFF, and for selecting six types of safety zones and for 01 IRE/7.5IRE color bar setup, etc.

Six Types of Safety Zone Displays

Six types of safety zones can be displayed in the viewfinder. And ON/OFF switching of the center marker is also possible.

Five (5) Scene File Modes Respond to Various Shooting Conditions

A total of five (5) Scene File modes are available and simple to operate; two user modes for flexible data settings and three (3) pre-set modes for standard, low and fluorescent illumination. Regardless of the different lighting conditions, you can count on the WV-F700A to deliver the image.

User mode:

Twenty (20) different digital adjustments can be set including gamma, knee-point, chroma detail, detail, matrix and shading. Individual settings are available for eleven (11) of the 20 items at gains of 0dB, +9dB, +18dB and +24dB. These digital adjustments also allow the WV-F700A to be matched to other color cameras in a studio environment for quick setups.

Standard Mode:

Sets the WV-F700A to studio lighting.

Low Illuminance Mode:

Provides for different shades of black to be reproduced clearly in dark locations without requiring lighting alterations.

Fluorescent Mode:

Under fluorescent lighting conditions, certain color hues tend to be reproduced slightly in the blue spectrum. In the fluorescent mode these hues are adjusted while using the white balance to provide natural tones.

Five (5) Speed Variable Electronic Shutter for Fast Moving Scenes or Objects with Flicker Prevention

A five (5) speed variable electronic shutter effectively prevents flicker and captures most fast moving objects in the following settings; 1/100, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, and 1/2000 of a second. Slow motion and still images can be clearly reproduced when played back on a capable VCR.

1.5" High Resolution Viewfinder

A viewfinder with a minimum of 600 lines of horizontal resolution allows easy focusing and improved operation and functions. Vertical, horizontal and back/forth adjustments are all available. Each setting value can be quickly and accurately adjusted according to the viewfinder's display. And the viewfinder's newly equipped rotary system is convenient when needing to transport the WV-F700A.

Date/Time Display and Number Display Available with Color Bar System

A built-in SMPTE color bar generator facilitates high precision and speedy color monitor control. The time and date of the taping is shown with the color bars, a useful function when storing and archiving tapes. Numbering from 0-9 is also convenient for identifying the camera or logging scenes.

Safety Zone Display Prevents Cropped Images

The viewfinder also displays a 10% safety zone to ensure desired objects will be in the scene when viewed on a normal television set.

Top Located Tally Lamp Confirms Operating Camera

A lamp is installed on the top of the camera head and allows the operator to confirm live camera operation as well as shutter application.

Built-In Phantom Power Source Eliminates Dry Microphone Batteries

A built-in phantom 9V DC power source automatically supplies power to standard RAMSA microphone (WM-L30) while it is in use, preventing microphone failure due to a dry battery. A low cut switch is also available to reduce the effects of wind noise.


Pickup System: Middle index prism system (F1.4)
Image Sensor: Three 2/3" interline transfer (IT) super high sensitivity CCDs
Pixels: 768 (Horizontal) x 493 (Vertical)
Scanning Standard: 525 lines, 60 fields, 30 frames
Synchronizing System: Internal or external (genlock), automatically switchable
Internal: NTSC standard
External (genlock) lnput: NTSC composite (VBS) signal or black burst signal
Subcarrier Phase for Genlock: Freely adjustable over 360
Horizontal Phase for Genlock: Adjustable
Video Output: 1.0 Vp-p NTSC composite, 75 ohms x 2 (BNC connector)
Y/C (S-VIDEO) Output:
0.714 Vpp Luminance level (Y) composite, 75 ohms x 1 (S-VIDEO connector)
0.286 Vp-p burst level chrominance, 75 ohms x 1 (S-VIDEO connector)
1.0 Vp-p NTSC composite, 75 ohms x 1 (26 pin VCR/ RCU connector)
R/G/B, Y/PB (B-Y) /PR (RY), Y/C/B, ENC, Switchable
R/G/B: 0.714 Vp-p, 75 ohms x 1 each
Y: 1.0 Vp-p (Sync: 0.286 Vp-p), 75 ohms x 1
BP/PR: 0.486 Vp-p, 75 ohms (at SMPTE color bar) x 1 each
Y: 0.714 Vp-p Luminance level (Y)
C: 0.286 Vp-p burst level chrominance, 75 ohms x 1
B: 0.714 Vp-p, 75 ohms x 1
NTSC: 1.0 Vp-p composite, 75 ohms x 1
Auxiliary Input: MIC: -60dBm x 1 (XLR connector)
Audio Output: -20 dBm or -60 dBm/unbalanced, switchable (26 pin VCR/RCU connector)
Illumination Required: 2000 Lux at F8.0, 3200K
Minimum Illumination: 7 lux at F1.4 with +24dB, (4 lux at F1.4 with +24dB gain) more than 70%
output level
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 62dB (Typical) without aperture correction
Horizontal Resolution (at center): 800 lines (High Band detail on mode)
Registration: 0.05% (entire picture area, excluding lens)
Detail/Aperture: Horizontal and Vertical (2-line type)
White Balance: Automatic white balance setting (AWC with two memories) and Manual white balance
Black Balance: Automatic with pulse canceller
Encoder: Y, R-Y, B-Y
Color Bar: Built-in SMPTE color bar generator with time, date generator and camera ID
Electronic Shutter: 1/100, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 sec.
Color Conversion Filters: 3200K, 5600K with 12.5% ND, 5600K, 3200K with Cross Filter
Maximum Cable Length:
26 pin Studio Cable: Max. 1000ft. (300m) or
coaxial studio cable (RG59/U): Max. 1000ft. (300m)
Camera: Power, Color Bar/Camera Selection, High Gain Selection, White Balance Selection, Auto White/Auto Black Set, Level Indicator/Zone, VCR Start/Stop, Check, Lens Iris Selection, Detail Level Selection, Detail Band Selection, Subcarrier Phase Coarse, Recording Time Reset Camera Adaptor: VCR Compatibility, Audio Level Selection, Earphone Out Selection, RCU/VCR Signal Selection Viewfinder: Tally ON/OFF
Zoom Lens (Canon 15x Lens): Servo/Manual Zoom Selection, Servo Zoom Control, Iris Control Selection, Auto Iris Return Video, Macro, VCR Start/Stop Controls
Camera: Total Pedestal, Red Gain, Blue Gain, Subcarrier Phase Fine, Horizontal Phase, Lens Iris Camera Adaptor: Earphone/lntercom Level
Viewfinder: Brightness, Contrast Peaking
Lens Iris: Automatic or manual
Lens Mount: Bayonet mount for 2/3" pickup device
Lens Filter Size: 82 mm P=0.75
Viewfinder: 1.5 (1 3/8" actual image size) electronic viewfinder with character display, safety zone, Date/Time and zebra level indicator
Power Source: 12V DC, 5 sources as follows:
  1. Battery Pack
  2. AC Adaptor
  3. External DC source through 4-pin DC connector (4) VCR (external AC adaptor)
  4. Remote control Unit through VCR/RCU connector
  5. Battery pack Operating Time:
WV-PS33: 12V (3.5 Ah)
Power Consumption:
Camera Head: (12V DC) 1.2 A
ENG Configuration (12V DC): 1.6 A
Studio Configuration (12V DC):2.4 A
Ambient Operating Temperature: 50 F to 113 F (10 C to +45 C)
Ambient Operating Humidity: 30% - 90%
Dimensions (WxHxD):
Camera Head Only
WV-F700A and WV-F700BH:
5 11/16 x 11 9/16 x 11 3/8 in. (144.5 x 294 x 289 mm)
ENG Configuration WV-F700AS:
9 7/8 x 11 9/16 x 21 5/16 in. (251 x 294 x 542mm)
Studio Configuration WV-F700AS:
7 1/16 x 20 15/16 x 21 3/4 in. (180 x 533 x 553mm)
Camera Head only
WV-F700A: 6.1 lbs. (2.7 kg)
WV-F700BH: 6.8 lbs. (3.1 kg)
ENG Configuration
WV-F700AS: 15.6 lbs (7.1 kg)
Studio Configuration
WV-F700AS: 22.4 lbs (10.2 kg)
Betacam* is a registered trademark of Sony Corp. of America. Weights and dimensions shown are approximate. Specifications and product design are subject to change without notice. This product may be subject to export control regulations.

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