Editing Controller (NSTC)

The AU-A950 video editor is powerful but easy to use. With 7 VTR connection capability and direct control of up to 5 VTRs, a switcher, a mixer and 2000 line EDL, the AU-A950 is the perfect choice for on-line editing. It's high cost-performance, frame accurate slow-motion control and efficient list management make the AG-A950 a perfect off-line choice as well. A broad spectrum of VTRs with RS-422 control can be connected to the AU-A950, including D3, MII and S-VHS units. The AU-A950 automatically identifies the type of VTR connected and adjusts to that VTR's capabilities. 10 GPls can trigger sources such as audio tape recorders, digital video processors and character generators. CMX standard EDL's allow edit decision lists to be exchanged with other editors. For upgraded performance, an (optional) internal hard disk can also be installed.
The AU-A950's easy to use interface makes the beginner feel comfortable. A simplified keyboard layout, clear error messages and on line HELP screens aid beginning editors in performing all operations. The AU-A950 has been carefully engineered to provide high end editing at a realistic price. With simple integration into existing systems and a friendly interface, it's a lot of power in an easy to handle package.


5 VTR RS-422 Direct Control

Five standard VTR control ports provide simultaneous control over time code or control track sources. The recorder VTR is selected at the control panel allowing the editor to "swap" recorders simply and easily.

Video and Audio Control

Serial switcher and mixer interfaces (RS-422) are standard. These industry standard ports can be used to control a variety of production equipment from various manufacturers. Auto assembly with the AU-A950 can recall special effects from switchers and mixers with effects memories.

Preset-MEM Control

The AUA950 can be used to read, store and write to memories in switcher devices. The EDL will store memory settings, allowing perfect retrieval of effects.

GPI Port

10 GPI outputs can be used to trigger a character generator, Digital Video Processors, audio tape recorders and other devices. In addition, 2 GPI inputs can be use. All GPls are stored in the list for later recall.

System Expansion

Industry standard ports are provided for future expansion. A centronics standard printer port and RS- 232C port (25-Pin) allow interfacing with many devices. A PC compatible RS-232C port (9-Pin) for a mouse, modem, or other peripheral, and, an ISA standard bus allow the AU-A950 practically unlimited expansion possibilities.


A/B/C Roll Edit

In addition to A/B roll editing with various effect and mix opportunities, an A/B/C roll edit is also offered, making simultaneous playback of three VTRs possible.

Toggle A/B After Edit

In an A/B roll edit, the A and B rolls can be switched instantaneously after editing is performed. This is especially convenient when doing continuous A/B roll editing using two sources.

Auto Tag Source After Edit

The AU-A950 keeps track of your sources for you. A match frame to the out point is calculated and the match source is automatically tagged. Dissolve sequences are easy to complete.

4 Channel Audio Editing

Editors have complete control of a four channels system. Split edits may be performed with splits on any and all of the channel each with different timing. Cue channel insertion is also possible from the controller. Audio memory events can be recalled from intelligent mixers.

Variable Memory Editing

Variable speed events can be "learned" in rehearsal and automatically triggered during editing. Variable speed parameters are stored in the edit decision list.

Fit & Fill

If a source recording is too long or short for the allotted time slot, the controller automatically calculates and adjusts the playback speed of the player to make the recording fit perfectly.

Pre-Read Editing

Pre-read control from the keyboard gives editors complete control during effects layering or complex edits. Using D-3 machines in a dissolve sequence, layover are unnecessary; preread can be used for two machine dissolves. This feature make fast work of special effects with digital VTRs.

Temporary Recording

Manual edit control of source VTRs eliminate the need for playback operator attention. "Layovers" to source reels can be done to any recordable source, from the console.

Color Framing Detector

Using a reference video input, the AU-A950 automatically color frames each edit. Perfect match frames are made for smooth transitions without horizontal shifts.


2,000 Lines

Internal memory of the AU-A950 can store up to 2,000 lines.

Built-in 3.5-inch Floppy Disk Drive

CMX and CMX 3600 compatible listed can be stored and recalled via industry standard 3.5" disks. System configurations can be dumped to disk for later recall. This allows each operator to configure the system easily for each applications requirements.

EDL Management

The AU-A950 list management supports delete, move, copy, renumber, ripple and record "swap". The EDL is displayed on the status monitor and can be scrolled by using the FS or BS key. Events can be recalled by number, changed, and recorded.


The AU-A950 supports EDL notes. Notes can be entered via a control keyboard or PC style keyboard which can be connected to the control keyboard.

Block Division of EDL

For the convenient manipulation of large EDLs, the AU-A950 supports block subdivisions of the EDL. Edit decision list management can be performed on specified blocks.


Help Key and Interactive Dialog Displays

The HELP key displays function descriptions and operating instructions on the monitor screen. The AU- A950 also provides error messages. When an invalid setting is made or confirmation is required, the AU- A950 displays a question requesting a Yes/No answer to help avoid accidental operation.

Color Graphic Display

A color monitor port provides for the connection of a VGA monitor. Status monitor display areas can be "painted" by the operator to provide emphasis to important areas. Palettes can be stored to disk as a system setup and recalled at a later time.

Programmable Function Keys

Key-press sequences can be stored in memory and executed repeatedly simply by pressing the corresponding PF key. Programming of complex, frequently used operation sequences can greatly speed editing work. Up to 50-key stroke can be registered using PF keys 1-8.


Prior to recording, events can be previewed in a variety of ways: VVV, VBV, BVB, out point preview, effect preview, multievent preview.

Event Number Setting

The AU-A950 operator can assign any 4 digit numbers to an event. Subsequent events are numbered sequentially following the initially assigned number.

Arrow Keys

Arrow keys (forward and reverse) are provided in addition to the search dial. These keys offer quick searching with convenient joystick-style operation.



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