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The heart of our main edit suite is Panasonic's Postbox 2000 real time digital non-linear editing system. Postbox puts you in command of one of the most powerful video composing and editing systems ever developed. With the point-and-click simplicity of the Windows operating system, Postbox combines video, special effects, graphics, and CD-quality sound into a production that rivals what you see on television.

Videoland Productions has been using non-linear editing systems since 1996 to produce hundreds of video and audio programs and commercials.


Edit II is a combination on-line, off-line facility capable of A/B/C/D roll, headed by a Panasonic AU-A950 digital editing controller. Clients can assemble edit lists on a PC and plug them in to the AU-A950 controller. The suite uses DVC Pro, DV or DV-CAM, MII, Betacam SP, Hi-8 or S-VHS sources with YC and Component signal paths. For audio, 16 channel audio mixing with DAT, audio processing and CD playback and recording.

A direct feed LAN supplies 3D studio animation, paint, MIDI music files and other graphics creation to Edit I. The room also provides a voice-over booth, music/sound effects library and satellite downlink feed. The new Postbox non-linear system is right next door allowing video, audio, and graphics effects to be incorporated into this suite as well.

•Equipment Features•
AU-A950 digital edit controllerWJ-MX50 switcherAU65H recording VCR
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This is a broadcast S-VHS suite for A/B roll or cuts editing. This suite provides high quality yet economical editing and features three broadcast Panasonic S-VHS edit VCR’s, a Sony SVO-100 switcher/controller, A Toaster 4000 w/YC, An 8 channel Mackie audio console, Elmo copy stand for transferring photographs and other images, CD player, and audio cassette players. Betacam SP, MII and other format recording decks can be configured when needed. A video printer is also available. This room is adaptable as a control room for the adjacent studio facility.


We have a dedicated graphics division assisting in the design of animation and artwork. Titling, charts, graphs, stills and other graphic applications are available in both editing suites. More information is provided under Graphic Art & Design. Consult with your Videoland Productions representative for whatever your production needs are. Our staff will be glad to assist you with ideas and suggestions.

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