Rental Department

A complete selection of TV/VCR’s from 13" to 27" screen sizes is available.
Video monitors with separate VCR’s are available in 5" to 300" sizes.
Computer (SVGA/VGA) monitors available from 17" to 150" sizes

Since we are a full service company, package rates, discounts and other pricing considerations may apply. Clients who need other services such as editing or duplication may receive preferential discounts on equipment rentals.

5" to 27" Video Monitors
TV/VCR Combo's, Carts & Skirts
1 Day
13" Color TV/VCR Combination16.00
20" Color TV/VCR Combination22.00
27" Color TV/VCR Combination35.00
5" Color TV Monitor7.00
9" Color TV Monitor, AC/DC, Industrial20.00
20" Color TV Monitor20.00
25" Color TV Monitor 22.00
31" Color TV/Monitor (stereo)40.00
50" Color TV/Monitor (rear proj.)80.00
27" Color Data Monitor (RGB/SVHS)95.00
17" VGA Multi-Scan Computer Monitor35.00
42" Monitor Cart/Skirt (up to 20") 7.00
42" Monitor Cart/Skirt (up to 31")9.00
54" Monitor Cart/Skirt 9.00
Videoland also offers multiple day, weekly and monthly rates on all rental equipment. Please call and inquire. Rates subject to change without notice.

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