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Videoland Productions has become a leader in Video/Audio rentals to clients throughout Western Washington. With technical advances and changes in the direction of presentation materials and desktop video applications, our company now serves the needs and sophisticated demands in visual/audio requirements for our clients. From brilliant 150 inch video projection to small group computer scanning devices, our company has developed a complete roster of consumer, professional, and broadcast equipment.

Many independent producers rely on Videoland Productions for all their professional equipment requirements, such as broadcast and industrial quality cameras, tripods, lighting kits, switchers, audio consoles and other related field/studio production equipment.

Whatever you or your company needs in video and audio support, call on our professional staff to answer your questions and provide the equipment you need

Business Hours 9:00a-6:00p Mon-Fri.

Phone (360) 491-1332 • FAX (360) 491-1333

Deliveries & Setup available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

This is just a partial list of the equipment we offer for rental. We have other items not necessarily dedicated to our rental inventory that may be available on special request. We are also able to subcontract equipment from other companies so that all of your needs may be accomplished with one call.

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Video Monitors, Data Monitors, Carts & Skirts
Video Projection, Screens & Scan Converters
Video/Audio Switchers-Mixers, Pro/Ind Recorders/Players
Field/Studio Support Equipment, Lighting Kits
Consumer/Industrial Camcorders/VCR’s & Microphones
Audio Mixers, Portable Sound & Misc. Cables/Connectors
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