Production Department

Independent producers and state agencies call on us for support personnel and equipment for on-location shooting. Our videographers, directors and technicians have many years of experience and our equipment is maintained in first class condition. From hostile environments like mills and smelters, to music video and industrial training, on or off location, we find a way to capture what you want.


  • Single or Multi-camera "live switch" Crews and Equipment:
    We can provide multiple cameras in switched as well as docked configuration or "ISO" if you need it. Studio kits and intercom as well as 24/16/ 8 channel audio support with wired or wireless mics available.

  • Field And Studio Recording Formats
    Target recording formats include Digital DV, DV-CAM, DVC-PRO, DVD, BetacamSP, MII and S-VHS. Video and still insertion for billboards, buffers and credits. Backups and safety tapes on any format except 1 inch.

  • Technical Field Equipment And Teleprompting.
    Scopes, audio pools, multiple monitors, teleprompting and big screen video projection.

  • We Provide Closed or Open Captioning and Transcription Services.
    We can upgrade your programs to meet captioning standards.

  • Twenty-nine Years of Quality Service
    We Are experienced in training, sales and marketing videos, documentaries, business or family events, seminars, music videos theatrical productions and much more. No matter what your requirements, our production team can handle your needs.

  • We Are A Full Service Production Company.
    Please inquire regarding any of your video production needs. Field, Studio, Post, Duplication, Packaging and Fulfillment. We guarantee our services and equipment.

  • Our Rates Are Very Competitive. Please Inquire !

The Videoland Portfolio

A small sample of our video programs


  1. The Best Years Of My Life • The role of the CCC in constructing many facilities
    in the Washington State Parks system.
  2. Wolfhaven "The Vision" • The story of Wolf Haven wolf sanctuary,
    how it was started and the current wolf population.
  3. Bigelow House • An acted history of this pioneer landmark
  4. Indian Jeff Benefit with Peter Fonda and Friends (in progress fall 1998)
  1. Multiple Intelligences For The Family • A family home learning kit which includes a video,
    study guide and learning cards.
  2. Silent Victims (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) • The dangers of alcohol to pregnant women
  3. In My Father’s Bed • A single actor play about the author’s childhood and problems with incest
  4. 1996 Equity Symposium(OSPI) • Education leaders discuss a program to promote
    equity in classroom opportunity
  5. Affirmative Action-"The Real Truth" • From the "father" of Affirmative Action, Dr. Arthur Fletcher
  1. Getting Started In Electric Flight • A three-part series in the building and flying of electric powered model airplanes
  2. Model Tugboats of Harbor Days • Builders and skippers of model tug boats, fire boats and warships demonstrate model construction and manuevers
  3. Antique Aircraft And Their Pilot/Owners • Owners and Pilots of antique airplanes display their craft and tell the history of each plane
  1. World Net Online • A marketing program for long distance phone cards
  2. Vaughan Chopper Pumps • A marketing video on industrial pumps/machinery marketed world-wide by the client
  3. Financial Fitness • Seminars video teaching methods to attain financial independence, money management and investements
Music Videos
  1. Water Music Suite • A soothing pictorial with original classical music
  2. The Trenchcoats • An exciting acapella vocal group performance
  3. Act From The Heart • The late David York’s last musical production
  4. Fiddle Fest 88’ Through ‘98 • The latest in a 10 year series of Old Time Fiddling
  5. "Illusion" San Juan Jazz Festival • Great dixieland jazz festival
  6. "Freefall" The Music of Scott Cossu • Original music set to skydiving
  1. Firefighting With Foam (DOT) • A training video for Washington State Ferry System workers
  2. Strategies:Dealing With Customers (DOT) • Another training program for Washington State Ferry system employees
  3. The Class 13 Alcohol Server (WRA) • A training video for wait-persons who serve alcoholic beverages in restaurants and bars
  4. Dealing With Hostile Clients (L&I) • An instructional video on how to deal effectively with difficult customers

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