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Three years ago Videoland Productions developed a unique in-house classroom/lab facility. In conjunction with New Market Vocational Skills Center, we instituted a media-technology course with a syllabus that includes editing and videography skills, script writing, set building, animation, digital editing, lighting, duplication, packaging, print/pre-press, graphics and other functions of the small business production company. The course is offered as a partnership of education and business.

The concept is to place the student into the business environment. Students are subjected to the same rules and regulations as employees of the company. Students are required to read, sign and follow the company rules set forth in the employee manual.

Students are used on a regular basis as assistants and grips on company production assignments and are also involved in primary jobs on class sponsored productions and other assignments from New Market Vocational Skills Center. Future classes are planned for advanced students(including teachers) for applications of advanced media technology, graphic arts, cross platforming and the total concept of multi-media applications. The program began in the fall of 1995 under the guidance of instructor Martin Diaz. Two classes are held each day Monday through Friday during the regular school year. The summer session will include one six-hour class each day Monday through Friday for six weeks.

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